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Shenzhen eGoBest Technology Co., Ltd. (eGoBest), originated in 2009, is a network development company that integrates business, technology, visual design, and operation, focusing on brand enterprises + Internet, and is headquartered in Shenzhen. The company is mainly committed to providing technology + operation solutions for enterprises to integrate the Internet, using the highest level of products and services in the industry to truly create value for enterprises through the Internet, and is committed to the construction of full Netcom brand website, B2C foreign trade mall website development, mobile APP development, Multi-dimensional business services such as mobile website design, WeChat applet development, multi-merchant platform solutions for shopping malls, domestic and foreign independent mall system solutions, e-commerce project operations, online marketing promotion, e-commerce management consultants, etc.

All eGoBest development projects are provided with 100% ownership, allowing customers to bid farewell to the one-stop "dead" customer model of traditional Internet companies and return to a truly independent nature.

eGoBest creates a new mode of monthly payment enterprise employment system operation, bidding farewell to the traditional operating company's annual or quarterly fraudulent money collection mode, and all speak with value creation data.

eGoBest provides a full-dimensional solution for branded enterprises + Internet. According to the staged development of the enterprise and the characteristics of its own products and industry, it formulates a suitable plan for enterprises to go to the Internet.